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Wild Whispers
Harmony-Driven Cinematic Pop Duo

After a USA cross-country tour, Eli Lev and Megan Leigh returned to Western Maryland in 2019 to begin writing songs for a duo music project under the name 'Wild Whispers'.   

Showcasing catchy melodies, unexpected harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics, their music has mainstream appeal but utilizes unique arrangements that push the sonic envelope.

"Their goal is to take everything you know about acoustic pop and folk and flip it on its head- from their lyrical storytelling, to their empyrean harmonies, to their arrangements that challenge the status quo of indie folk." - Unheard Gems

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Hear what people are saying about Wild Whispers:

What an amazing sound you two!

Eli your playing is great as always…I like that you don’t ‘overplay’ by strumming the guitar to death and your vocals are always smooth. 

Megan I love the percussion and your voice!! Perfect pitch and your ability to soar like a songbird is truly ‘music to the ear’ !! Keep it up!!"

- Yvonne from Maryland

😮 WOW Megan and Eli this is sooo good😍❤️ 
Now I can't wait for it to be released!!!!❤️🎶

- Farrah from Canada

Congratulations on releasing the lyric video! You both sound so good and I am totally digging your song. 👍🏻🎼🎸

- Ken from Virginia


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